Ekobit DevArena 2016



In this post, I’ll show you some pictures and notes from the Ekobit DevArena 2016 conference.

Previous conferences

In case you’re interested here are the posts from the last two that I attended:

One does not simply skip breakfast…

Yeah, I eat too much, don’t invite me to your events unless you’ve got plenty to eat


This is how the accreditation looked on the back side, with the list of presentations per each track (4 in total):

I was super lazy this year regarding note taking, so I’ll pull a lazy on you and just show you the pictures that I took from each of the presentation that I attended.

They say that the picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in that case, this post is a lot of thousand words long 🙂


Tesla 🙂

EU funds

Angular 2




React Native

Prize draw

They had a nice additional prize draw for those who asked questions (you get a small paper which you toss in a drawing bowl). I got 4 of them this year. However, no luck in winning something again 🙁

Written by Nikola Brežnjak